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We look after the numbers so you can get on with the job

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Virtual Assistants, Simpro Experts for Trade Contracting Businesses.

We will bring your financial data to life to help you make more money and get more time back with less stress

Jodi Wilks

"it's looking a lot less stressful because I know I have someone I can rely on"

Paul Flemming

"I don't have to stress anymore as I know I can ask Better Back Office and get my answers in a detailed, timely manner."

Nikki Morris

 "I knew when I first spoke to Peter that he was the right person for the job. He had multiple suggestions to help us save tax and he has great knowledge of our industry."

So Why Better Back Office?

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You run a trade contracting business. You’re amazing at your trade, you have a great team delivering great work, and you’re interested in making a decent margin, stable cash flow, and scaling without stress.

Better Back Office is dedicated to trade contractors.

We have invested in building the best system to take your data and create the simple dashboards you need to run your business.

I built Better Back Office to be so good you don't even know we're there.  We make it easier for you to run your business.

Trade Contractors are struggling, 1/4 of insolvencies are from the construction industry alone.

Here are the Top 5 Issues facing Trade Contracting Businesses

We won't pretend that we can solve it all but we can give you a fighting chance.


Cash Flow Management - we can certainly go long way to helping you with this by providing powerful cashflow forecasting tools that are intuitive to use and kept upto date with live data 


Workforce Management and Skilled Labour Shortage 

We’re not a recruitment agency, but if you don't have your payroll, super, and tax obligations all taken care of, you aren’t going to hold on to your good staff.


Regulatory Compliance and Safety Standards We can’t help with safety, but we can ensure you comply with all your tax requirements so you never have to fear an audit.


Client Acquisition and Retention 

We’re not a sales and marketing agency, but we can ensure you know the profitability (or otherwise) of your clients and make sure you have accurate cost information to price your services accurately.


Project Management and Scheduling We can’t run your team for you, but we can provide you with utilization rates, labor costs, recovery rates, and accurate up-to-date Job profit and loss and cost to complete reports.


Everything you need to get your back office sorted so you have the latest data in a format that you can easily understand and your tax and other compliance obligations are being met.

Weekly/Monthly Bookkeeping

Weekly/Monthly Payroll

Financial Reporting

Tax Planning and prepartion

Simpro optimisation

Job Profitability Analysis

Virtual Assistants

Industry Benchmarking

Xero Set Up

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 12.04.07 pm.png

Cash Flow Forecasts

Business Funding

Data Entry

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