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Simpro Support

​We have awesome friendly admin staff very experienced at operating Simpro, Xero, Donesafe, iAuditor, Hubdoc, Receipt Bank etc. We can help with

  • Supplier invoices - including reconciling monthly statements

  • Scheduling - including producing timesheets for payroll

  • Checking Simpro Jobs

  • Checking CSX tasks

  • Checking prestarts and other safety compliance.

  • Email monitoring

  • Booking jobs


  • We will work out exactly what service you need and design a package to suit your business.

  • You complete our introductory questionnaire (2 min) and we set up a half-hour meeting in person or by video.

  • We discuss your requirements and we will prepare a scope of work and a schedule. You will know exactly what you are getting when you are getting and how much it will cost. 

Xero Set-Up

We will assess your current workflows, looking at what systems you are using whether it is a job management system, a spreadsheet or the back of a napkin. We will then map out an implementation plan and step you through it.


Set up usually takes about 2 weeks. We will spend time with you, in person or online via video and guide you through Xero. You don’t need any bookkeeping or accounts experience. We’ve even had electricians work it out 😉

Every Month

General Bookkeeping


We do all the paperwork and make sure your financial reports are accurate. We reconcile your bank account, process your expenses and get in touch with any queries. We prepare a report on your business every month or quarter depending on what plan you are on. 


Looking after your accounts


We will reconcile your suppliers and make sure your accounts are balanced and all your transactions are categorised.  If you need your payroll looked after we can manage that for you too on a weekly basis.

Every Quarter

At the end of every quarter, we will prepare your Business Activity Statement for you and make sure you are compliant.

Every Year

The end of the financial year becomes an easy process when we have kept your books. We will prepare everything for your accountant so they can do your tax return quickly and without having to bother you too much. We will send them an end of year tax pack or they can access the Xero file directly.

  • Choose a plan that suits your needs

  • No Lock-in Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • Affordable Monthly Payments

  • Customised Pricing if required to auit your needs

Other Services 

Cleaning Products

XERO Clean Up

So you may have left things a little late of you haven't looked at the books for a while. That's ok, we can get you up to date and back in shape

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Xero Health Check

If you have been using Xero for a while you may want to get us to have a look under the hood. We’ll check all set up and make sure everything is being managed correctly. A small error in setup can cost you money or mean you end up not complying with the tax law. Money well spent for peace of mind.

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