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For our Simpro (Laserpro) friends

There is more to come from me on cost-cutting but here is a quick note for anyone who is using Simpro and/or Xero. Many businesses are cutting costs and for some, that includes cutting field staff, and for others, that means dropping admin staff and using services like Better Back Office to save money.

Outsourcing data entry and admin tasks can save a lot of money and help keep overheads down. We currently spare capacity for data entry services for anyone looking to save money.

I have one of my most experienced staff members ready to go for anyone needing assistance in Simpro or Xero data entry and Admin tasks. Some of the tasks our clients are getting done include:

1. Supplier Invoice entry

2. Monthly statement reconciliation

3. Debtor management

4. Scheduling

5. Producing timesheets for payroll

6. CSX monitoring

7. email monitoring

8. Entering jobs

9. Scheduling jobs

10. Generating reports from Simpro or Xero

11. SWMS

12. Sending invoices

13. Managing staff licenses

Best People, Best Process = Better Back Office. Fixed price quotes for regular tasks or hourly rate ($27.50/hr)

Need a hand, give me a call on 0411 848 727.

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