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COVID-19 Check List

Updated: May 16, 2020

COVID-19 Business Response Plan - Checklist


  1. Document your COVID Response Plan

  2. Integrate this into your Safety System

  3. Re-assess your risk assessments

  4. Re-train your staff

  5. Provide new PPE required



  1. Simulate - run scenarios of losing 25%, 50%, 75% of your workforce

  2. Know your obligations for paying staff

  3. Check all your employee leave entitlements

  4. Have a plan for how to manage stand-downs

  5. Plan for a complete lockdown of all non-essential services (hopefully it doesn’t come to that but be prepared)


  1. Talk to your suppliers - find out early what restrictions you can expect

  2. Stock up if you can afford it and if you can store it.

  3. Consider other suppliers if your current ones are struggling (although I think they will all be struggling)


  1. Review your contracts - be prepared and act early. Many contracts have time bars on notifications. Seek advice where you need it from your lawyer.


  1. Tell your customer what you’re doing to manage COVID-19

  2. Ask your customer what they are doing

  3. Talk early and often - work together to maintain continuity of service

  4. Rethink where you serve your customers. Can you deliver online, home delivery, different products or services?

  5. Brainstorm other products and services your customer may need now.


  1. Run the numbers

  2. Redo your budgets

  3. Rework Cash Flow Modelling

  4. Seek assistance from your accountant

  5. Find out what assistance you can access from State and Federal government

  6. Cash Cash Cash - it’s business basics but you need to reduce costs, speed up cash collection now more than ever.


  1. Set up a COVID Team

  2. Meet Daily

  3. Communicate with your staff and customers regularly

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