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Better Back Office

Accountants and Bookkeeping for Tradies

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We look after the numbers so you can get on with the job

We do the accounts for tradesman so they have more time to grow their business and make more profit.

Our Services

Specifically for trade businesses.

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Day to Day Bookkeeping

Cheaper, Easier, Faster





Business Dashboard

Digital Work

Supplier Invoice Data Entry

Get your supplier invoices into Simpro / Tradify Fergus / Aroflo etc. so you can get your valuable  business information out

Data Cloud

System Set Up



We Keep it Simple

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Time is the most precious resource you have. What are you doing with the 24 hrs you have every day. You need to have control of your finances and know exactly where the business is but you don’t need to be doing the data entry. You work hard enough without having to spend hours processing paperwork.


Simpro/Fergus/Tradify/Aroflo and Xero are very powerful tools and will give you everything you need to manage your business….if the right data is in the right spots. If you want to make sure your head is not in the sand and you can see what lies ahead then you need to have good accounts. Simple and easy when you use Better Back Office

It takes a lot of work to make things simple

I started BBO to solve my own problem. How do I know if my business is on or off track early enough so I can make the changes early enough to ensure success?

So many questions need answering:

  1. Have I got enough cash?

  2. Did I make a profit?

  3. Which customers are worthwhile?

  4. Who are my best staff?

  5. When can I afford a new van?

  6. What is my tax liability?

In order to run the business, I had to have up to date financial information. Which meant getting all the information into my business systems such as Xero, MYOB, Simpro, Tradify, Aroflo etc.   

Better Back Office helps trade businesses process their data so they can answer those basic management questions every day. We'll take an invoice or receipt by email, envelope or shoebox and process it so that you can see exactly the position of your business. You know where you are and can be sure you're not heading for trouble.

We’re not reinventing the wheel here. We will take our years of industry experience and show you the shortcut the Best Back Office experience. We can give the best in the industry straight away. We’ve taken the guesswork out, we know what works and we know what doesn’t.


What sort of clients do we help?

Home: Services


You're a tradesman on your own. We keep it simple and lean.

GROwing business

You have a 1 - 5 staff and you may have been doing the books yourself but it's getting to be too much.



5 to 50  Staff. You have admin staff that get some of the bookkeeping done but you need some backup and professional help.

special projects

You may need some help cleaning up your books or setting up your business systems and processes.

Working with Better Back Office

1. Your data: invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc. are all set up to automatically sent to BBO 
2. We process all the paperwork for you, quickly and accurately
3. You get your financial reports sent to you and your ATO obligations lodged
4. If in the unlikely circumstance you are not happy - no problem, we refund your last month's fees and help you transfer to another bookkeeper.

We use XERO because it is world-class, fully secure and gets better and better every year. We couple Xero with job management systems like Simpro / Fergus / Tradify etc so you get:

  • Job Costing, 

  • Scheduling, 

  • Quoting, 

  • Job Reporting


We have a team of experts, Accountants, Bookkeepers, IT and Business Experts. We work for clients all over the world and are able to deliver everything you need over the internet. If you need someone to come into your office we are probably not the right fit but we can train anyone on your staff to manage the process.

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5 Benefits of Better Back Office

  1. Know your numbers: You’ll have a clear picture of where you are and how to improve your profit.

  2. Free up your time: We’ll take care of boring stuff and let you get on with what you do best.

  3. Stay Compliant: We will help you stay up to date with BAS and all other important lodgings

  4. Cloud-Based: You will never lose your data or accidentally delete anything. Access your data anywhere on any device. 

  5. Secure Business Funding: If you have accurate up to date accounts you will be able to access funding to help you grow if you need to.

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